My hubby and I took our first trip together in 5 years and went to visit New Orleans and our dear friends Kara, John & their darling children Luca and John Xavier.  In between all the great music, food, and fun we had I was able to capture some family moments.  No posing: just play, exploration, tickles, hugs, favorite books & toys.  Oh, and some jumping on the bed.  What kid can resist that?  I also wanted to capture images for this sweet family to remember their home that they have put so much time and love into as they are moving to Florida for new opportunities and adventures.  Our first two days there were very rainy, so umbrellas were in order…complete with Luca’s yellow rain boots.   Notice the rain puddles that sent drops flying?

family lifestyle photography 1

John Xavier was starting to scoot around, so the dog hair on his onsie is fitting.  I considered removing it in Photoshop, and then thought better of it.  It’s all part of the story…that one moment in time.

family lifestyle photography 2

Luca didn’t want to get dressed.  That pout did not work in his efforts, but did make the parents happy as John has a photo with the same expression as a boy.  Once his shirt was on, we had some puzzle time in the dining room.  Johnny X wanted everything Luca touched, and wanted it in his mouth.  Luca was just happy to play and crawl (hug…) on mamma.   family lifestyle photography 3 family lifestyle photography 4

Reading time….and some music.

family lifestyle photography 5

What a darling room these boys share.  See the “hey, I’m gonna pick my nose”?  Then see the ornery expression? Ya, mom and dad are gonna have their hands full.  I think one of my favorites from the room session was where Kara is sitting watching the play. Somehow, it sums up the feeling of being a mom to me personally.  

family lifestyle photography 6

I promised you bed jumping, so here it is….and hugs that make little brothers nervous.  And then giggles.  And more cuddles.
family lifestyle photography 7

Kara and John, thank you so much for your hospitality.  Thank you for letting us invade your home and family time.  Thank you for the great meals, company, and insight on the best places to go.  We love you, and I couldn’t be happier to share these photographs with you.   It’s just a slice of your story, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Love Rebecca

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