I’ll never forget the moment I found out Jeff and Tara were going to have a baby.  Actually, my husband had intuition about it beforehand and we had the debate that we have had a couple times before that.  It goes like this “Maybe they have news.  Do you think they could be pregnant?”.    And most of those debates were proven with the fact that they just wanted to share a few beers.  But not this time.  I cried with joy.  Since then I have been blessed to see the maternal side of my friend blossom, the excitement (and fear) grow in both of them, and gotten to answer a few parenting questions.  Jeff even asked Mike one night about the process of changing a diaper; and I can tell you how happy it made him to have something to teach Jeff rather than the other way around.  The babe is due any day now, so I figured it would be a good time to share their maternity photographs.  This way, you can all see what a gorgeous, happy, and loving mamma looks like when the baby is right around the corner.

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