Rachel and Kyle’s wedding is coming up quickly (Rachel had the day count at the tip of her tongue) and we were so lucky to get a gorgeous Sunday afternoon after having to reschedule due to cold weather twice.  Like any engagement session, my goal is to tell my couple’s love story and to reflect their personalities through a collection of images.  We started brainstorming : I always ask some questions to find out what my couples want, even if they don’t know it themselves.  What kind of backdrop do you prefer: urban or natural?   What kind of activities do you like to do together?   How did you meet or fall in love or get engaged?  With Rachel and Kyle, the urban setting seemed perfectly fitting and since they love to play games together and had coffee on their first date, we started the session in a coffee shop with their favorite game.  By the way, if you haven’t played Shut the Box, you should.  It could easily become one of your favorites too.  Then we found some cool ways to incorporate their dog Lou into the images.

I love the range of emotions that these sessions bring out in couples.  Everything from capturing the moment where Kyle briefly teared up & Rachel’s sweet smile when he kisses her to the goofy competitive spirit that came out during a heated match of Shut the Box is important to me.  Because it’s important to them.  It’s how they are together.  Right now.  In the final months before their big day.  It’s also most likely the first time that that they have those moments captured in a photograph, which becomes a way to remember the beginning.

These are some of my favorites from the afternoon.  Enjoy.

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