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And boy, is this baby a cutie!  We did this lifestyle photo session with minimal posing:  rather we focused on the sweet moments, cuddling, affection, and some everyday elements like bath time, nursing, and napping.  Look at this one, where he is wide awake.  And look at the those squishy newborn ears, lips, and hands!01_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 02_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 03_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I love how small he looks in dad’s hands.  And I love, love, love his big yawn! 04_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Getting ready to nurse and lay down for a cat nap.  I miss standing over my babies cribs and watching them sleep.  I wish I had a photo to remember all that sweetness with. 05_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 06_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

And of course, the first baby needs a featured spot in these sweet memories. 07_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 08_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your afternoon and photograph your gorgeous family!


Happy first Birthday to you Lillian!  Mamma and dad, your little girl is already one.  If you are like me at all, you think that you will never forget the dents in her arms & legs, or the way her pudgy fingers grab hold to you, or way she sucks one her hands &  plays with her tongue, or the way she sticks her legs out when she crawls.  But one day your sweet baby girl will be an awesome 10 year old and you may have to look back through your photographs to refresh your memory.  I know, because I had to do it the other day.  Photographs are a blessing for that. One Year Cake Smash 1 Lillian's One Year Cake Smash 2 Kansas City One Year Cake Smash 3 Kansas City Photographer Kansas City Family Photography

Lilian, I have known you since before you were born, and you are so loved.  You came into this world with wonderful, kind, and adoring parents.  And when your mamma comes back to work, you will be surrounded by my four rug-rats to love on you all day long.  And they will…  Right now, you are only 8 days old.  You will be 8 years old before a blink of an eye, and then 18.  sleeping newborn baby

Oh, how I love a newborn baby yawn!  And their little toes, and their perfect ears.  And I especially loved the way Lillian sucked her cute little hand to fall asleep.  Simply adorable.  Watch out KC…you have another cutie pie to break some hearts.  I love the little hooded blanket that your grandmother made for you.  I am sure it will always be special to you.

Kansas City Newborn Photography Wide awake with great big eyes!  Sweet baby girl, I love how you were so attentive and watchful.  And I think you blew me a kiss.wide awake newborn

My baby is one year old!  It’s hard to believe that a year has passed and here we are doing another first year cake smash.  It was actually about 3 weeks late as we were moving boxes into our new home during his actual birthday, but it makes these images taken in our new Overland Park backyard all the more fitting and meaningful.  Like most little ones, the birthday boy did not quite know what to do with the cake.  It took a few moments, and then he realized how good that sugar really is and the smiles kicked in.

1st Bday Cake Smash KC

And some action shots, again in the backyard.  The walking is getting much steadier every day.  He has already figured out how to move furniture to be able to climb up onto forbidden areas and transported toys all across the yard for his siblings to find.  His disposition is so happy and I LOVE his ornery expressions…especially the one where he is crawling with his nose crinkled up.  
Baby Walking in Kansas City Backyard


I am proud to show off my sweet newborn babe, Simon Charles.  He made us a happy family of  6 on July 19th and we could not love him any more.  I took these photographs in a sleep deprived haze on his 1oth day of life with my oldest, Sam, holding the reflector (and as I learned by the end of it, maybe not the best job for an eight year old).  The kiddos cannot get enough of him:  Sam begs to rock Simon to sleep and wants to learn how to swaddle and care for him, Ada sings the sweetest song and reads him stories, and Eli bombards him with hundreds of toddler kisses every time he runs by.  Babies are a blessing, and both Mike and I could not be more thankful for all of ours.

Feel free to welcome Simon in the comments below.

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