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Jocelyn and Nick are both military. Nick has been in the Army as route clearance and in the Air Force as IT. Jocelyn has been in the Air Force loading bombs on F-16’s and as Air Force Intelligence. Now they both work full time at our Air National Guard Base in Iowa.  So, I was curious about their love story.  Here is my favorite, as Jocelyn tells it:

While deployed to Afghanistan I heard a rather obnoxious laugh and something told me to look at this person. I noticed he just looked so happy. It made me want to be happy too. When I got back to the states I was working at Lowe’s and heard the same laugh. It was Nick. I had never met him before that day because he had been deployed the whole time I worked there. Ever since he came into my life I have been as happy as the man with the obnoxious laugh.

Enjoy looking through the highlight of their Kansas City Engagement Photos:

KC Engagement engagement photographs in a Kansas City park

Now, one of their favorite things to do together is ride motorcycles.  So, we incorporated them into our session.  I think they turned out great.  The last one was especially magical with the light coming down through the trees.
Kansas City engagement photos with a motorcyle Kansas City engagement photos with a motorcyle and the sun coming through the trees

Jocelyn & Nick, I am so looking forward to your wedding in January of 2018!


Hilary and Kyle’s wedding is just right around the corner and I know how excited they are getting!    Ready for their KC engagement photos?  Well, then it’s perfect timing to introduce their blog feature.  They both love books, so we took advantage of the cute Rainy Day Bookstore in Fairway Kansas to start our session.  It was Memorial Day Weekend and we had the shopping center to ourselves, which makes being in front of the camera a bit easier.  Now they are pros!

Kansas City Engagement photos in front of bookstore

We also went to the courtyard where Hilary works.  It was gorgeous!  And has some personal meaning infused into these images.  Oh, and the light could not have been any more perfect coming through those trees.
KC engagement Photography in green space

Loose Park:

And how to end up a great session?  Loose Park is a great answer.  The roses in the rose garden are gorgeous as usual and gave us on more variation on our photo session.  I adore the next set of images because Hilary and Kyle were having so much fun together and starting to flirt and tease each other.  I’m a sucker for photographs that show off the real laughter and nose crinkles!Kansas City Engagement Session at Loose Park Kansas City Engagement Photos at Loose Park with gorgeous sun in back

Go ahead….tell them how great they look!




Fall in downtown Kansas City with a sweet couple madly in love and excited to be married next year.  What could be better?  Well, since you were wondering:  bright fall leaves, a gorgeous sunset over the city’s skyline, and flowers still in bloom.  All of this to capture Thomas & Ali’s love.  I can’t wait for your wedding day!kansas-city-engagment-photography-1 kansas-city-engagment-photography-2 kansas-city-engagment-photography-3 kansas-city-engagment-photography-4 kansas-city-engagment-photography-5

When I get the chance to photograph family, it is a place of honor.  It is a sneak peek into relationships, a front seat to all the special moments of the wedding day.  I get to see moments that not everyone else does, and happily share those incredible moments with all of you.  So, these are just a few of the highlights from Elizabeth & Chris’s wedding day.  The morning started early for Elizabeth and the girls.  They got ready at a friend’s house, cousin Jenna and friends helped with makeup and hair, and the girls opened up special gifts from Elizabeth to wear their mint green dresses.  The lock and key you will see throughout the wedding day attire and decor, is best told by Chris:  “Chris produced a small wooden box he had been holding at his side.  he opened it to show pictures of the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, France loaded with locks of loving  couples who had fastened their own lock to the bridge and throw the keys in the water that the lock may never be removed, symbolizing their undying love.  Along with the pictures was a lock, with the word “White” written on top.  They lovingly attached the lock to the fencing on the side of the bridge together and as they finished Chris looked at Elizabeth and said, “Now we have to throw the keys in the water.”  In the box he had the engagement ring and dropped to one knee to propose.


Want to see more?  Check out all their photographs, password white


01_Country Wedding Photography

Elizabeth’s maid of honor, Michaela and her mom Karen helped her into her gorgeous wedding dress, and all the girls surrounded her with love.
02_Country Wedding Photography

First look for dad.  I love the proud expression on mom’s face as Paul looks at Liz.
03_Country Wedding Photography 04_Country Wedding Photography

We were almost done with photographs with the girls.  Each bridesmaid had a few moments with Liz while we took photographs, and it made her tear up. Chris’s mom, Jenny was there to offer a kleenex and a hug.

05_Country Wedding Photography

Chris’s mom and grandmother pinned on his boutineers, and the guys attempted to get theirs pinned on as well.  06_Country Wedding Photography 07_Country Wedding Photography 08_Country Wedding Photography

Paul giving Elizabeth away, as Chris gets read to take her arm.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  09_Country Wedding Photography 10_Country Wedding Photography 11_Country Wedding Photography

Each of Elizabeth’s cousins & aunts were given a platter made by Pops John White to bring a desert to share for the reception.

Country Wedding Photography 12

Michaela & Daniel did a fabulous job with the toasts, full of both laughter and sweet moments.13_Country Wedding PhotographyCountry Wedding Photography 14

A serenade for Elizabeth and visiting time for the couple.  Then some special moments with grandma.

15_Country Wedding Photography

After the reception, I got to take the newly weds to Wamego Park for some portraits.  16_Country Wedding Photography 17_Country Wedding Photography

And their first dance! Just the newlyweds, Michaela, and me. 18_Country Wedding Photography 19_Country Wedding Photography 20_Country Wedding Photography

Elizabeth & Chris,

Thank you so much for trusting your wedding day memories to me!  It was a pleasure, and I wish you a lifetime of blessings.



Ceremony & Reception at Trinity Baptist Church

Officiant:  Pastor Jonathan Peppers

Blessings of the couple:  Father Jim White

Musicians:   Kelsey Thomsen, Katelyn Hinkin, & Sue Yocum

Hair & Makeup:  Jenna Wolf,

Floral:  HyVee

Catering:  Jeanette Loughary with Alma Bakery & Sweet Shoppe

Wedding cake  made and decorated: Chris’ Grandma Karen Corbin  with help from Brooklynn & Jenny White

Desserts:  Liz White’s aunts & cousins

Preparations: Joyce Mermis home


Hannah and Jack’s engagement session started in their super adorable apartment, where they have spent so much time reading, studying, dining, sitting on the patio, and enjoying cups of coffee together.  It was a great way help the happy couple (who also happened to feel a bit nervous about having photos taken!) feel at ease right away.  They snuggled on their couch under framed maps of the places they have been together ….with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in another.  We walked their neighborhood streets enjoying all the beautiful springtime flowers just coming to bloom.   They often run to Penn Valley Park together, so we ended our time  with the skyline view and a setting sun.
Hannah and Jack Blog 1 Hannah and Jack Blog 2 Hannah and Jack Blog 3 Hannah and Jack Blog 4 Hannah and Jack Blog 5