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Travis and Ruthie’s summer engagement session at Liberty Memorial

Travis and Ruthie are getting married this coming October.  The extreme heat of the day made them grateful that they chose a fall date rather than during the hot and humid summer months!  They were troopers though, and we took a few car AC breaks to make it more enjoyable.  They choose a Liberty Memorial engagement session because it is a spot that they love to walk with their new puppy, so the grass field and city view has special meaning to them.  They also love wine, so we thought a picnic could be fun, and a chance for them to drink a chilled glass of wine!

Are they not darling together?Liberty Memorial Engagement Photography Liberty Memorial Engagement Photography

And here is the skyline view that they love so much.  We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sky. Liberty Memorial Engagement Photos Liberty Memorial Engagement Photography

I can’t wait for your wedding!



Jocelyn and Nick are both military. Nick has been in the Army as route clearance and in the Air Force as IT. Jocelyn has been in the Air Force loading bombs on F-16’s and as Air Force Intelligence. Now they both work full time at our Air National Guard Base in Iowa.  So, I was curious about their love story.  Here is my favorite, as Jocelyn tells it:

While deployed to Afghanistan I heard a rather obnoxious laugh and something told me to look at this person. I noticed he just looked so happy. It made me want to be happy too. When I got back to the states I was working at Lowe’s and heard the same laugh. It was Nick. I had never met him before that day because he had been deployed the whole time I worked there. Ever since he came into my life I have been as happy as the man with the obnoxious laugh.

Enjoy looking through the highlight of their Kansas City Engagement Photos:

KC Engagement engagement photographs in a Kansas City park

Now, one of their favorite things to do together is ride motorcycles.  So, we incorporated them into our session.  I think they turned out great.  The last one was especially magical with the light coming down through the trees.
Kansas City engagement photos with a motorcyle Kansas City engagement photos with a motorcyle and the sun coming through the trees

Jocelyn & Nick, I am so looking forward to your wedding in January of 2018!


Hilary and Kyle’s wedding is just right around the corner and I know how excited they are getting!    Ready for their KC engagement photos?  Well, then it’s perfect timing to introduce their blog feature.  They both love books, so we took advantage of the cute Rainy Day Bookstore in Fairway Kansas to start our session.  It was Memorial Day Weekend and we had the shopping center to ourselves, which makes being in front of the camera a bit easier.  Now they are pros!

Kansas City Engagement photos in front of bookstore

We also went to the courtyard where Hilary works.  It was gorgeous!  And has some personal meaning infused into these images.  Oh, and the light could not have been any more perfect coming through those trees.
KC engagement Photography in green space

Loose Park:

And how to end up a great session?  Loose Park is a great answer.  The roses in the rose garden are gorgeous as usual and gave us on more variation on our photo session.  I adore the next set of images because Hilary and Kyle were having so much fun together and starting to flirt and tease each other.  I’m a sucker for photographs that show off the real laughter and nose crinkles!Kansas City Engagement Session at Loose Park Kansas City Engagement Photos at Loose Park with gorgeous sun in back

Go ahead….tell them how great they look!




Kansas City Engagement Session featuring Lauren & Ben

Oh, my goodness!  I am so very excited about this Kansas City engagement photography session!  Not only is the River Market a perfect backdrop for these fun and colorful images, but the couple could not be any more lovely.  We started off their photo session with a coffee because it is something they both LOVE. If you follow my engagement photography at all, you know that I try to incorporate the couple’s personality into each session by photographing the way they interact as well as bringing in little things they love.   For this Kansas City engagement photography session, we focused on bright colors, romantic, playful, and tender moments in an urban setting with a city view….and coffee.  Kansas City Engagement photos taken in the rivermarket

I just love the bright silk flags that were present in the Rivermarket on the day of our shoot!  They worked perfectly as a backdrop for the sweet nuzzles.

And then Lauren’s laugh!  Look at her great big gorgeous smile and the way she looks at him.  I also adore how easy it was for Ben to be sweet to Lauren, which really shows off how great they are together.  Kansas City Engagement Photographer

I would say that Ben did a great job on that ring!

We stuck around for some evening photographs with the bridge in the background.  And Ben was hungry, so he gets extra points for being a trooper!
Kansas City engagement photography in the Rivermarket

Followed by the cityscape as a background.  photos taken at night with Kansas City and twinkly lights in the background

I can’t even begin to tell you all how excited I am for their wedding in July!




Oh, Caitlin & Jimmy…you are too sweet together!  We had some ideas for a fun Kansas City engagement session, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that we decided on the Nelson  I love the mix of urban and soft green images we got from our time there.  Perfect for the iconic Kansas City theme you were going for.

I love how Caitlin described their relationship.

We come from different parts of the country, different backgrounds, and different walks of life, but our differences have made us stronger as a couple and have given us an opportunity to view the world through a different lens. This has also taught us a lot about ourselves and how we relate to one another. Even through the highs and lows of college, we can stand here today and say we are happier than ever to have each other as life partners, a tumultuous feat that not many relationships survive.

The wind working to our advantage!  Look at how cute they are together.

Caitlin really wanted an iconic Kansas City setting for their engagement session, so these photos showing of the grandeous art gallery and well know landmarks like the Nelson’s shuttle cock were a must. Especially as the sun went down…Caitlin & Jimmy:  I can’t wait for your wedding day!