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Sakeena is creating a new website for her business, Earth and Sky Wholistic Massage, and needed some fresh new Kansas City headshots of herself that capture her genuine, caring, and bright personality.  This lady is gorgeous inside and out!   She also gives one killer massage which is imperative in my line of work (that heavy equipment does one heck of a number on my neck and shoulders!).  I love being able to see the soul in someone’s eyes and smile.  You can take a business portrait far beyond the typical (and boring) grey background studio shot that showcases what you want to represent in your business.  Sakeena described herself as honest, wholistic, happy, and vibrant so I set out to create portraits for her that show off her great qualities.  
Kansas City Headshots 1 Kansas City Headshots 2

We got together on an incredibly steamy hot morning to help update Holly’s Yoga Business images.  She needed some photographs doing yoga with her incredibly cute and spunky daughter S and new headshots.  While we were at it, we also captured some great images during our “heat break” while S. and mom played bubbles and some quick family groupings.

Kansas City Business Photography 1 Kansas City Corporate Photography 2 Kansas City Headshot Photography 3 Kansas City Family Lifestyle Photography 1 Kansas City Family Lifestyle Photography 2 Kansas City Family Lifestyle Photography 3

I photographed Doug 5 years ago when he was very sick.    Its’ a long story and one you really should hear.  I’ll find a way to tell you later…but for the meantime here is a much too abbreviated version.  At that time, he was so very sick that  he could barely walk up the stairs let alone go sauntering around the city for an afternoon.  But he has more intelligence and commitment than any one person I have had the honor of knowing and recently we spent the afternoon together to show off his flair for his own personal fashion, his health, and his personality.  Hopefully these photographs will compel others to hear his story or read his books…

Creative Headshots by Kansas City Photographer

Creative Headshots by Kansas City Photographer

Janae was in need of images for an album showcasing her sweet, energetic, and sultry personality.  These are some of my favorites from our headshot & album portrait session in the Kansas City Rivermarket.