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Introducing Charlie, 12 days old!  He was wide awake, and alert for the majority of our time in their family home.   Since his parents teach and coach, they read a book to Charlie and made sure to include favorite sports attire.  The nursery is always one of my favorite spots to photograph a  new one, especially one as cute as Charlie’s.  They also spend the majority of time in their living room, so we wanted to highlight the everyday snuggles.

Congrats to your new family!



And boy, is this baby a cutie!  We did this lifestyle photo session with minimal posing:  rather we focused on the sweet moments, cuddling, affection, and some everyday elements like bath time, nursing, and napping.  Look at this one, where he is wide awake.  And look at the those squishy newborn ears, lips, and hands!01_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 02_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 03_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I love how small he looks in dad’s hands.  And I love, love, love his big yawn! 04_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Getting ready to nurse and lay down for a cat nap.  I miss standing over my babies cribs and watching them sleep.  I wish I had a photo to remember all that sweetness with. 05_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 06_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

And of course, the first baby needs a featured spot in these sweet memories. 07_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography 08_Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your afternoon and photograph your gorgeous family!



I am proud to show off my sweet newborn babe, Simon Charles.  He made us a happy family of  6 on July 19th and we could not love him any more.  I took these photographs in a sleep deprived haze on his 1oth day of life with my oldest, Sam, holding the reflector (and as I learned by the end of it, maybe not the best job for an eight year old).  The kiddos cannot get enough of him:  Sam begs to rock Simon to sleep and wants to learn how to swaddle and care for him, Ada sings the sweetest song and reads him stories, and Eli bombards him with hundreds of toddler kisses every time he runs by.  Babies are a blessing, and both Mike and I could not be more thankful for all of ours.

Feel free to welcome Simon in the comments below.

newborn portraitBirth announcement from newborn portraits


Welcome to this world of ours, sweet baby Connor Allen.  I have anticipated your arrival for longer than you can imagine.  You are the hope I had for your mom and dad since before you were love in their hearts.  And now you are here, safe in your parents arms, little fingers and toes stroked lovingly.

In these images, Connor is only 7 days old.  I love everything about newborns, but his little piggies did wonders for my soul.  I love the way the hairs on his head swirl perfectly, the way his lips pucker, and that gassy smile he gave right after throwing a touch of a fit.  You are precious.   You are perfect.

A quick sneak peak for you…