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Lilian, I have known you since before you were born, and you are so loved.  You came into this world with wonderful, kind, and adoring parents.  And when your mamma comes back to work, you will be surrounded by my four rug-rats to love on you all day long.  And they will…  Right now, you are only 8 days old.  You will be 8 years old before a blink of an eye, and then 18.  sleeping newborn baby

Oh, how I love a newborn baby yawn!  And their little toes, and their perfect ears.  And I especially loved the way Lillian sucked her cute little hand to fall asleep.  Simply adorable.  Watch out KC…you have another cutie pie to break some hearts.  I love the little hooded blanket that your grandmother made for you.  I am sure it will always be special to you.

Kansas City Newborn Photography Wide awake with great big eyes!  Sweet baby girl, I love how you were so attentive and watchful.  And I think you blew me a kiss.wide awake newborn

Feb 27, 2012
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For Valentine’s Day this year, we sent out this online slideshow to spread the love.  It starts with the birth of my third babe in March and covers all the important events of the last year (and what a great year it has been!).  Check it out…


Family Newborn Image