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Nov 20, 2017
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Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this high school senior photography session was! And it has an incredible story to go with it if you hang in there with us.  Let me introduce you to Becca:  she has a heart of gold, some wonderful spunk, and a drive to succeed (and kick some butt while doing it.   All on top of being absolutely stunning!  We choose locations that have meaning to the here and now in Becca’s world.

We started our day out at her high school track to show off her strength and javelin passion.  Then we headed to Wamego High School to take advantage of the brick and stairwell.  Heading back to the beautiful scenery right around her own home, we drove past this gorgeous field with perfect light.  AND a whole story to go along with it….keep reading for this!  Then out to the creek behind her home and finishing with just enough time left to photograph Becca on her driveway with a gorgeous Kansas sunset.   

Ready for a giggle?

So, here is the story.  We stop on the ditch on the side of the road, park, turn the car off and head to the gorgeous area of tall grass, fall trees, & soft light.  We photograph a few frames, and Becca asks “why is your car smoking?!?”.  I run over, determine that the fire is not from the engine but under the car, and drive it out to safety.  The wind is helping the ditch fire to travel fast, so we are thankful for the help from Uncle Mike who puts the fire out.  Right before the firemen arrive.   I learned that the car exhaust (even if the vehicle is off) is hot enough to make tall grass burn.

Once Becca and I know that the fire is safely out, figured we might as well keep on with our photography session, so got these last few images.  The photos of Becca, the firemen, Uncle Mike, and the burnt ditch are at the very end for you. You are welcome.  And, if you want to laugh some more, I am sure if you ask one of the men around the farm.  They will tell it with hilarious detail. Not every senior gets a story like that with their session.

Here are the fire snapshots, as promised. 

Blue Valley High School Class of 2016! This was one amazing senior photo session!  It was also special for me since I’ve known Jake since he was little.  There were a few times during our session that I had to just pause because for a split second, I saw the same little boy in this handsome teenager.  It’s amazing how time can do that.
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Spring is most certainly not in the air on this frigid winter day, but this gives me hope for gorgeous sunshine, warm evenings, and green leaves.  I absolutely love photographing high school seniors:  finding a way to show off their inner and outward beauty is what I enjoy most about portrait sessions.   01_Country Kansas City Senior Session 02_KC Highschool Senior Photography Session

When we talked about what Maddie wanted out of her High School Senior photos, she got excited anytime there was a hint of urban texture.  Her mom also wanted some pretty fall leaves.  So we went to the River Market  for a fun session to capture Maddies super sweet personality.  She was a natural in front of the camera.  But even more than that, she is gorgeous  inside and out.  I really can’t say enough about this girl (whom I’ve been blessed to know since she was little).  Here are just a few of my favorites from your session.  Enjoy!