Warning:   I can not possibly cram all the cuteness, personality, and affection into this blog feature without it being long.  Because, let me tell you, there were more photographs this 75 minute session than I could share with you all.  Our session started at Loose Park on an absolutely perfect spring evening.  If mom and dad want a family portrait, we always start with that so we can get to the playful part of the session.  And this is how it typically works with kids….you snap a few, then cuddle, tickle and run.  And plop down again for another try in another spot.  Because all kids have super long attention spans, right?
Kansas City Family Photography
Amy’s dad got to be with us, so we made sure to capture some neat relationship with his little girl and grand children.
Kansas City Family Photography

So, I really can’t believe I caught this image series because I was incredibly terrified when the run at full speed and jump into a somersault started that I am pretty sure I held my breath the entire time.  But she thought it was great.  And it was just moments later that I got to capture the spin-dance here.  Portrait, play….portrait, play.  And if we don’t want to let go of mom’s hand?  No problem.  It’s just as darling.
Kansas City Family Photography

See how sneaky these are?  Not even enough time to realize I got that portrait without mom’s hand!  I love the sister relationship, and how much love is seen through the hugs.  And Amy and John are so very sweet together
Kansas City Family Photography Cruz Family Blog Collage 6It was an honor to capture these special family moments.   Thank you so very much.



  • sarah

    These are so precious! I especially love the father and daughter photos! You certainly captured all of the cuteness!

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