Custom Album Design

Congrats!  You had an amazing wedding….and now it’s time to put all those wonderful memories & beautiful photographs into something to have and to hold.  Yes, I’m talking about a classically custom designed & professionally printed album that you can pass down for generations to come.  Any online book maker’s album can’t compare to the quality and archival printing that professionally created albums will give you.  You, and your family (past and present) deserve that.

When you buy a wedding album – you are buying the experience that your children, grandchildren (and even ancestors!) will have with your memories. They will flip the pages and debate who was who. They will laugh at the fashions and marvel at how much they looked like you. This is just not the same when you are viewing photos on your computer or television screen. It all becomes image – you miss the experience.’
Jaye  – Tux and Tales Photography


Did you have an album included in your wedding collection?  If so, it comes with your choice of either:
Size 10×10 or 12×12 forty page Storybook Album
(the album collection comes with the 10×10 and the delux collection includes the 12×12)

Size 10×10  forty page (80 images) Image Album.

Also, you can choose to upgrade your album to more pages (most of my clients prefer 60-80 pages), size or cover upgrade.  I will also be asking about which cover choice you would like and if you would like any parent/gift albums.


If you did not purchase an album as part of your collection and wish to do so, no problem!  Just reference the guide below and let’s get started with your dream album.


Information about pricing, types of albums, covers, parent albums, etc is detailed out in the Album Guide.


You have the choice of either selecting your favorite images or letting me do so.  To select your own, just visit your proofing gallery and give your favorites a thumbs up.   For the Storybook Album, I encourage you to pick as many favorites as you desire for me to tell your story from.  In your proofing gallery, just mark your favorites and let me know you are ready for your album to be designed.  You can expect the final design to have an average of 2-2.5 images per page (every album is different, and the final number is dependent on your story!).  So, a 40-page album can have 80-90 images on average.  If you prefer the Image Album, you will need to pick the exact number of images for the album ordered.     Also,  I design on a first come first serve basis, and work to have your designs to you as quickly as possible.  However, during peak wedding season (typically June-July & October–December), turn around time is slower.

Your Storybook Album is designed from your favorite images, and I do my best to design your album within the page count desired.  However, if you have a full wedding day with many moments you want to be featured in your album, 40 pages is most likely not enough.  That is when I design the album balancing your desired page count and still telling the story of your day (in a way that works well with classic album design).  Rather than cut story line out of your day, I will often design some extra pages…giving you the choice on which spreads you would like to delete, keep, or in some cases, add.
The second part of the guide shows you all the cover options available.


Then the fun part….reviewing the V1 album design!  This is when you look at the design and decide if it’s perfect and ready for print or make any changes (like adding/deleting spreads, swapping images, etc).  Up to three rounds of revisions are complimentary.  Once you say “send it to print”…the album gets printed as is, so give it another look over to look for anything that needs to be changed.


Let me know if you have any questions!  I’m here to help.