Where can I even start with this amazing wedding day and even more amazing couple?  For me, it was love at first sight.  Their love, their story, their vision for their wedding day….all of it sums up why I adore wedding photography so very much. Devin and Heather are special, and truly compliment each other as a couple. It’s a reminder to all of us that God has a plan for us if we are patient and trusting.  The words that follow is just a small example of this:

 “We’ve both been longing for marriage for a long time…a combined 44 years in fact. We’ve known what we’ve wanted in a partner, and were not willing to settle for less. Even though, well-meaning people had told us we’d have to settle continually. We both find meaning in the details, and have learned to enjoy the journey even though it’s been frustrating at times. We know that there are big things ahead for our future, and want to live humbly and help people when we can along the way.”

Their wedding day had a lot of images to tell their story, and one of my greatest challenges was to select the bare minimum to show off the highlights.  Here is just a sampling for you to enjoy and share.

Wedding & Reception:  Buffalo Lodge

Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design

Devin hand painted Heather’s wedding shoes.  This moment was actually our first frames of the day.  Pretty amazing way to start…  Also, her mother made her necklace.  I love the image of her seeing it and showing it off to her girls.  02_kansas-city-wedding-photography03_kansas-city-wedding-photography

The laugher was constant.  I am pretty sure Devin had tears in his eyes most of the day.

The first look!06_kansas-city-wedding-photography10_kansas-city-wedding-photography

Followed by some portraits.  And then a very attractive and fun bridal party.

Heather’s uncle walked her down the asile and the moments when he gave her away were more than touching. 15_kansas-city-wedding-photography16_kansas-city-wedding-photography

Check out the ring-bearer’s eying my second shooter.  And just in case you missed it, he got to hold the “here comes the bride” sign.17_kansas-city-wedding-photography18_kansas-city-wedding-photography

I loved this ending prayer.

Family and laugher!

Kids and play!21_kansas-city-wedding-photography22_kansas-city-wedding-photography23_kansas-city-wedding-photography

Toasts, cake cutting, and the first dance!24_kansas-city-wedding-photography25_kansas-city-wedding-photography26_kansas-city-wedding-photography

Everyone sent off the newlyweds with a sprarkler exit.

Devin really wanted to capture the beauty of the stars at Buffallo Lodge, so we made sure to take on last image as a night cap.

Heather & Devin,

Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day!  It was an honor and a joy.



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