Kansas City Photographer About Me

This is me


As a child, I would hold my hands up to my eyes as if looking through the viewfinder of a camera to picture life as a photograph.  I have always been drawn to the fascinating beauty of lines, light, and people.  I started taking pictures with my father’s camera at an early age.  Being a skilled photographer himself, he was able to provide me with my earliest lessons in the principles of photography. At the age of fifteen, I received my first camera (and National Awards), and from there my love of photography flourished.

Now, I am happily married to my best friend, a mother of four beautiful children, a daughter, a friend, and a Kansas City wedding and portrait photographer.  I love music, good beer, staying up too late, the summertime, and the trees that overhang quiet streets.  Oh, and I love people.  Love, love, love people…