Kelsey & Anthony, I couldn’t love your engagement photographs any more.  You came to me with a story I hear at a LOT of client consults.  The story begins with the couple telling me how not photogenic they are.  When I don’t really believe them and tell them & that it’s my job to make them look good, they pull out their cell phones to show my their “awful” pictures.  Then it’s my turn to educate them on how this statement is exactly what makes an engagement session so important to the wedding process.  Chances are good that most couples have never had photographs taken by a professional of their choice.  They don’t have more than their cell phone selfies at weddings & concerts.  They don’t have images other than the one her dad took at the family gathering.   Sure, they liked their outfits and the hair-do was killer. But what really makes a great photograph that couples really love?  It’s the personality that seeps through, the good posing, and the beautiful lighting.  Sometime it’s about the location, but it’s last on the list.  I think this is a great example of what the right photographer can do for you.  Can you see their love?  Can you see the sweetness and excitement to get married?  And they look good, don’t they?

kansas-city-engagement-photography-1 kansas-city-engagement-photography-2 kansas-city-engagement-photography-3 kansas-city-engagement-photography-4

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