Wow, sessions like this make me fall in love all over again with being a Kansas City family photographer!  I have been sitting on this photography session and trying to narrow down the images.  See, this whole session started out as a mini-session to generate some family photographs for Christmas cards. Well, Winter happened and we ended up rescheduling in Spring.  And if this family was not so darn cute and playful I might have been able to stick to our plan of just a few images.

But what I learned about myself is that even if I stick to the shorter timeframe of a mini-session, my heart is so strongly tied to the lifestyle and candid images that result when kids are allowed to play, climb trees, run and pick flowers.  Their gallery will have “bloopers” and non-portraits.  They will have a range of expressions. They will have some portraits as well as images of them all playing Ring Around the Rosie.

When we started, mom told me that she was not worried about if the kids smiled or not.  She wanted photos of them being them. Oh, how I love this!  Their little girl, Eavan, did not smile much.  Or look at the camera much.  But she did pick flowers…and lots of them.  Her playing (all the while holding her flowers), climbing fences, sucking on honeysuckle, and running show childhood at it’s best.

the blending lifestyle and portrait photography

Lian is so handsome!  He got to pick some locations for his portraits, and this fence was one of them.  This one below is a favorite of mine. His other favorite spot was in his climbing tree.  He also took on the big brother role and tried to get his sister involved.  Look at him squeeze her! 

My goodness, Matt & Brie!  Your family!!  How darling you all are. This barn has been in Brie’s family for a long time, so the location and surrounding land is very special to them all.  My hope is that they will be able to cherish the images of their family playing in a place that holds their hearts for years to come.

These images look out over where their family home is, so that location is just as special as the barn.

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