Jocelyn and Nick are both military. Nick has been in the Army as route clearance and in the Air Force as IT. Jocelyn has been in the Air Force loading bombs on F-16’s and as Air Force Intelligence. Now they both work full time at our Air National Guard Base in Iowa.  So, I was curious about their love story.  Here is my favorite, as Jocelyn tells it:

While deployed to Afghanistan I heard a rather obnoxious laugh and something told me to look at this person. I noticed he just looked so happy. It made me want to be happy too. When I got back to the states I was working at Lowe’s and heard the same laugh. It was Nick. I had never met him before that day because he had been deployed the whole time I worked there. Ever since he came into my life I have been as happy as the man with the obnoxious laugh.

Enjoy looking through the highlight of their Kansas City Engagement Photos:

KC Engagement engagement photographs in a Kansas City park

Now, one of their favorite things to do together is ride motorcycles.  So, we incorporated them into our session.  I think they turned out great.  The last one was especially magical with the light coming down through the trees.
Kansas City engagement photos with a motorcyle Kansas City engagement photos with a motorcyle and the sun coming through the trees

Jocelyn & Nick, I am so looking forward to your wedding in January of 2018!


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