This last year was a great one for our family.  In July, we moved out of our well loved 900 sq. foot home  and my photography studio (I still regret not getting a photo of all the kids in their beds crammed into that one room…) and into a home with 5 bedrooms, a basement, garage,  and a huge back yard… much room to play!   Simon turned one the weekend of the move, and we had a cake smash for him when we cleared away enough boxes a few weeks later.   Ada started half-day kindergarten and Sam 4th grade at a new school while Eli and Simon enjoyed a bit more one on one time with me in the mornings.  Simon was baptized.  Sam did another season of soccer and baseball, Ada dance and gymnastics.  Sam won an award for straight As and Ada one for being a great and kind student.  Elijah started listening to Christmas music well before the season ought to start and had the carols down by the 25th.   Simon begs for music so he can dance, Elijah and Ada so they can sing, and Sam just wants it on all the time (especially if it it’s on in his own freshly painted and decorated room).  Mike and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary by going to a killer concert.  Mike got the biggest deer of his hunting career (and me the deep freeze for it…) and has started picking up his guitar more often.  I photographed 12 weddings last year and 30 portrait sessions.  We are all excited to see what the new year brings.

With great love,

Rebecca, Mike, Sam (10), Ada (6), Elijah (3), and Simon (17 months)

a snapshot of my four children playing outside at the farm

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