Many many congratulations to Giovvanni and Ryan, married at the Pilgrim Chapel in Kansas City December 5th.  It was a beautiful intimate wedding and the happy couple were simply stunning.  It was wet and cold, so we choose to stick to the indoors for the photography until the end of the ceremony and took full advantage of the gorgeous interior of the small chapel.  I love the stained glass windows and stone.
01_Bride and Groom photography 02_Pilgrim Chapel Wedding PhotographyThe walk down the isle is always so special, especially for fathers.  I am sure this was no exception.  You can see the love Giovanni and Ryan have for each other….it’s in the the light in their eyes and on the smiles and the tender way they held hands and placed the wedding bands on each others fingers.
03_Pilgrim Chapel Wedding Photos The Christmas lights, the stained glass, and the newly married couple.  A perfect image to end the night.

04_Christmas Wedding PhotographyCongratulations again!  It was wonderful to capture your special day for you.




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