My baby is one year old!  It’s hard to believe that a year has passed and here we are doing another first year cake smash.  It was actually about 3 weeks late as we were moving boxes into our new home during his actual birthday, but it makes these images taken in our new Overland Park backyard all the more fitting and meaningful.  Like most little ones, the birthday boy did not quite know what to do with the cake.  It took a few moments, and then he realized how good that sugar really is and the smiles kicked in.

1st Bday Cake Smash KC

And some action shots, again in the backyard.  The walking is getting much steadier every day.  He has already figured out how to move furniture to be able to climb up onto forbidden areas and transported toys all across the yard for his siblings to find.  His disposition is so happy and I LOVE his ornery expressions…especially the one where he is crawling with his nose crinkled up.  
Baby Walking in Kansas City Backyard

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