Stacy & Garrett tied the knot in early October and I couldn’t be happier for them.  I love the way Stacy’s eyes crinkle when she smiles big at her groom and the way his expression softens at her touch. Wishing them both a sky-full of happiness.  The couple got ready at the Courtyard Marriott on the Country Club Plaza with a great view of the Kansas City  royal blue fountain (which also matched their wedding day colors!)  Not a bad way for these two Kansas City sports fans to remember their wedding day.

01_Wedding Day PreparationsThe first look took place outside of their hotel.  Stacy’s maid of honor helped Garrett down those stairs with his eyes closed (talk about trust…) and waited in suspense to see his very excited bride.  
02_First Look on PlazaThen we headed to the Nelson Art Museum for some bridal party portraits and photography of the about to married couple. The Nelson is always a great spot for photography in this city because it has so many spots in one stop.  02_Bridal Party Photographs at Nelson Kansas City Oh, man are they sweet. 03_Wedding Day Portraits of Bride and Groom I love her long veil…and the wind was happy to help us out a bit too.  04_Kansas City Wedding Photography The ceremony was beautiful and they were fortunate enough to have Stacey’s uncle be the officiant.  05_Wedding Ceremony Photography at Uptown Theater There was a short coctail hour where most of the guests were enjoying the Royals game and the great food and bevarages.  And then a great grand entrance that started a fun party for the rest of the night. 06_Kansas City Wedding Toasts The first dance and husband and wife is always a special moment, as is the father-daughter dance and mother-son dance.  Their wedding dances were no exception. 07_Uptown Theater Wedding Dances The guys in the bridal party thought it would be perfect to serenade Stacy’s mom to the song “Stacy’s mom”.  So very funny.  And they guys lost the dollar dance competition, so they had to do the YMCA up on stage.  08_Kansas City Reception Photography at Uptown Theater

And for the final image….presenting “The Wedding Starring Garrett & Stacy”.
09_Uptown Theater PhotographyI am so happy for you both!  It has been so much fun photographing your special moments on both your engagement session and wedding day.




Wedding Ceremony & Reception:  Uptown Theater

Hair:  Malerie Luttrell

Makeup:  April Tongson

Florist: Randy Neil

Cake:   Kristen Furnish

DJ:  DJ Shelley

Centerpieces:  Ramona Sadler

Jewelry: Scott’s Diamond Designs

Dress from Natalie M

Officiant:   Michael Hale

Videographer:  Silver Fox Creative Media, LLC

Second Photographer:  Kimberly Saunders

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