A huge congratulations to Tara & Aaron!  Your wedding was so joyous and full of love.  These select few images from your wedding day story are some of my favorites, but I could have easily selected a hundred more.  I love how your family worked on your hair and makeup at the same time.  I think it was part of what made your morning fun….and having your mom and girls all around you.  I adore how they watched with affection as you put your dress on, Tara.  And the love  your mom showed when she gifted you a beautiful diamond wedding necklace.  I think everyone (including me!) had tears in our eyes at that moment.  01_Berry Acres bride getting ready
The exchange of gifts was moving.  Aaron gave Tara a very sweet letter, card, some of her favorite candy, charm bracelet, and a Willowtree figure.  Tara gave Aaron a note and a watch.  Tara didn’t stand a chance holding back her tears, but Aaron gave it a good shot.02_Berry Acres Wedding PhotographyWe took opportunity for the lack of rain to capture the bridal party outside with the awesome landscape at Berry Acres.  The guys all look handsome….and look at that groom!  When we got them on their way to the church, we got to bring the ladies (and Kyle) outside for their turn.  Your smile made me want to photograph you all day long!
03_Bridal Portraits Since they did not see each other before the wedding, the expressions on Aaron & Tara’s faces are so meaningful.  I also love the long hug at the moment of giving away the bride.04_Kansas City Wedding Ceremony Since your officiant knew the couple so well (the benefit of being family!), it was one of the most personalized homily’s I’ve heard. Very special. 05_KC Wedding Ceremony
06_Kansas City Wedding Photography of Bridal Party Can we talk about this lovely couple?  We had to stay on the road because everything was so wet and  luckily there was even a volleyball net (fitting!).  07_Kansas City Wedding Photography Berry Acres has a great truck to use for photography.  It made getting around easy and was a great prop for their country photos.08_Berry Acres Bride and Groom Portraits The grand entrance and first dance were very cool with the fog and top gun theme.   The father daughter dance and mother son dance were special as well.09_First Dance Photography And the bouquet & garter toss as well as the shoe game…010_Garter Toss and Bouquet TossI love a good party and sparkler exits!


011_Berry Acres First Dance


Second Photographer:  Jessie Silva

Ceremony:  St. George’s Catholic Church

Getting Ready & Ceremony:  Berry Acres

Officiant: Reverend J. Friedel

Cake & Flowers:  HyVee

Dress & Tux rental :  Amore Bridal

Reception Sweets:  LaBruzzo’s Sweet Oven

Tara & Aaron,

It has been a pleasure capturing your special moments.  I wish you all the best.



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