I love birthdays.  And really, there is nothing better than a first birthday.  It is such a festive milestone.  I also love the cake smash.  But, let me tell you what a let down all three of my own children’s first birthday smash went.  Seven years ago, we threw Samuel a HUGE party. It was awesome.  It was an October day where everyone wanted to be outside, which was a good thing because I think we had about 75 guests in our bitty apartment over the course of the day into the late hours of night.  I made his cake with loving care, egg, dairy, and gluten free.  Apparently, it tasted like crap because he would not touch it.  Then we skip ahead 4 years to Ada’s small party.  My grandmother was one of the few guest in attendance, and when they brought out the lit candled cake (yes…I was not in charge of that part) and set it in front of her, Ada reached for it.  My grandmother gasped, and my mother freaked out.  Ada cried.  A lot.  No cake smash for her.

So, for Elijah’s first birthday this year, I was determined to get a real cake smash photograph.  Not the kind where I’m also entertaining and don’t really have enough hands to hold a camera, entertain, and watch my baby enjoy his birthday.  So, to HyVee I went to purchase a cute little $9 cake, set up my lights and a cute little antique high chair, and put Eli in it.  The images are priceless.  He LOVED it.  Maybe it’s because he’s all boy, but he smashed the living heck out of that cake and when he had his fill of sugar, he started throwing the cake.  Fling after fling.  Then sister Ada got involved, because she wanted some cake too (and really, why let it go to waste?).

Finally, I have my cake smash that I wanted.

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